A Glass Menagerie of Insight


What does insight look like?


Menimagerie is a place dedicated to capturing mental imagery from the wild and putting it on public display, like a glass menagerie of insight.   

Its main means of doing so is through verbal and visual metaphor. To familiarise yourself with metaphor theory, read one of my essays on the topic.


Computer Science

Explore all the tantalising concepts in theoretical computer science - from our number system, via Cantor infinities, to Godel's theorems and automata - in these infographics from 2016.


automatrium (2).png


Explore common algorithms and automata in these lecture notes from 2016.


Natural History

Explore how the Age of Discovery led to collector mania across Europe, which eventually led to systematic classification approaches and culminated in the theory of natural selection.



Coming soon: fanciful conceptions of the Universe by its inhabitants, from Babylonian ziggurat priests to the imperial courts of the Renaissance. 



An illustrated 13-part essay collection from 2015 on the philosophy of science, probability and statistics. 

automatrium (2).png

Information Theory

A 9-part essay collection from the summer of 2015, about the interconnections between epistemology, information theory, thermodynamics, probability theory, and neuroscience. 


Hierarchy Theory

My first collection, from the winter holiday of 2014, sets the tone for what's to come, with a gallery of concepts sourced from books in complexity theory.



I am preparing for this place to be a list of reviews for the books that have played a formative role for Menimagarie. Until I finish it, explore my essays on information management.



Short parable stories that explore themes of signal, noise and self-reference. 


About Me

My name is Lovisa Sundin, I am 23, from Gothenburg (Sweden) and I am the writer and illustrator of the content on this website.

Photo by Andras Kovach

I have a degree in Computer Science and Psychology from the University of Glasgow and am currently doing a Computer Science PhD at the same university. My research focus is on developing pedagogically effective ways of visualising statistical algorithms.

I started Menimagerie as a labour of love during my second year at university. The idea was to construct a virtual museum for concepts I wished everyone knew about. 

Since then, I have spent every holiday rushing home from work to plough through science books, take copious notes on their metaphors and then visualise them. It's been a sweaty, consuming, sometimes lonely hobby, but it means everything to me, and I am still working as hard as ever to turn Menimagerie into an intellectual adventure for others to join me on.

You can find my CV here.


Thank you to everyone who has motivated me and supported me in this project: Magnus Hall, Philippe Schyns, Paul Cockshott, Patrick Prosser, Quintin Cutts, my dear lab friends, Tom Wallis for pushing me to do the website, and of course, Xavier.

I did a TEDx talk at my university where I encourage students to collect and visualise metaphors.

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